Universal Remote Control for Gates

Are you looking for a Remote Control with all your emitters? Are you tired of needing multiple remote controls for your gates or garage door? We would like to propose you the MUST in Remote Controls: The WHY EVO by SICE. This multifrequency remote control is with thousands of other gate and garage remote controls. Very practical, this universal remote control is 4-in-1: Gates, Garage doors, alarm and shutters. With just one beep, open all the different devices in your house. Order from Sunday, May 19, 2024 !

Are your remote controls s with the remote control WHY EVO?

Additional information on universal remote controls for gates

Have you heard about different models of universal remote control for gates that allow opening no matter what type of gate or garage door? Even if remote controls exist for many different original gate remote controls, to this day, no universal remote control exists that is 100% with everything. For this reason, make sure your remote control is with the universal remote control, also called copying remote control, that you wish to buy.

Why does a 100%% universal remote control not exist? Gate remote controls vary according to their frequency. No universal remote control exists with all different existing frequencies.

Indeed, each different installation and receiver works with different frequencies. However, the frequency can be copied by remote controls, such as the universal remote control for gates that we suggest: The WHY EVO by SICE

Be aware of sellers that offer universal remote control for gates that are s with all other remote controls for gates, garage doors, alarm and shutters.

Try not to think much of « universal remote controls », but more of « remote controls » with your current remote controls. We propose to you the remote control WHY EVO by SICE because it is a model with a very big compatibility list. You can test it by using the search tool, you will be surprised!

The Remotecontrol-Express extra: Our objective is to assist you anyway we can in ordering and subsequent use of your universal remote control for gates. We offer manuals and video tutorials for programming your remote control: Manuals and video tutorials for programming your gate and garage door remote control, WHY EVO by SICE Manual.

How to choose between an «original» gate remote control ou «» gate remote control?

You have between two different choices: buy an original remote control just like the one you have, you buy a universal remote control 4-in-1 to set up and substitute all your other remote controls.

What are the characteristics that differentiate the many models of remote controls for garage doors or gates?

  • The frequency
  • The number of buttons
  • The colour of the buttons
  • The brand of the emitter (Came, Somfy, etc)
  • The coding system that makes it possible to differentiate two remote controls (Auto copying, by switch, by configuring it in the receiver)

Not yet convinced by the universal remote control for gates? Think about the endless moments you spend shuffling through your bag or pockets trying to find the right remote control. Thinking about a more simple and practical way to control your devices, we would like to propose to you the remote control WHY EVO by SICE. Thanks to this remote control, you will be able to configure up to four emitters from different models. Make your every-day life easier!


Do you live in a condominium and would like to know if it’s possible to make a copy of your universal remote control?

It depends on the type of remote you have: Does it have a fixed or a rolling code? If your remote has a fixed code, it means the emitted code always stays the same and does not vary. In this case, you will easily be able to make a copy of your gate remote control. However, if your remote has a rolling code, it emits a different signal each time the user presses one of its buttons. Consequently, for the remote control to be correctly configured and working, someone would have to access the receiver on the gate installation. Usually, in a condominium, the receiver is locked and inaccessible.

Remote-Control Express offers you a universal remote control that is able to copy another remote control with a fixed code or a rolling code, the remote WHY EVO by SICE.


First, you will need to reset your new universal remote control, because it may have one of its buttons pre-programmed. For this, you must press and hold the button number 1 of your universal remote. After, to continue to program your universal remote, without letting go of the first button, press the second button four times. Then, you may let go of all the buttons of the universal remote. At this moment, the LED of the remote will blink approximately every 2 seconds.

The second step consists of positioning your old remote control which you wish to copy, head to head with the new universal remote. The emitting ends of the remotes should face each other, with a distance in between of about 3cm. You must now press the button on the old remote that you wish to copy. You will notice at this moment that the small LED of the new universal remote is constantly lit. After letting go of the button of the old remote control, you will notice that the LED of the remote control WHY EVO blinks twice in quick succession.

The third step, maintaining the position of the remotes, is to press and hold the two buttons of your old remote control. After releasing these keys, you will notice the LED of the new universal remote blink rapidly.

The 4th and last step of programming your remote is to press the button of the new universal remote in which you would like to register the functionality that it has just copied. At this point, the LED will stop blinking. Congratulations! You have just finished copying the first button of your old remote control. Now you will need to simply register this new universal remote in the receiver of your gate or garage door motor system.

If you have any questions concerning the universal remote control WHY EVO, do not hesitate to call our experts, who will be happy to help you.