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Cheaper remote controls for air conditioners!

The remote control for the air conditioner is usually supplied with the unit. This accessory is easy to handle, even though many functions are available (Eco mode, timer, automatic cleaning, cooling only, dehumidifier, ventilation only ...) and a screen with different information.
A problem occurs when the remote control is broken or lost.

How do I find my remote control for air conditioning?

Nothing is easier than to use our search engine! Two possibilities are offered to you:

  • Select the make and model of the air conditioner
    The Models of your brand should be easy to figure out as it is usually written on the front of the unit.
    Find out the model number can be difficult, because you do have to find the product sticker on the side, bottom or back of the air conditioner. There is usually a sequence of numbers and letters.
    Example: air conditioning Daikin FLXS25BAVMB, LG LM1960R2L, Samsung AQ12MWBBNXAX ...
  • Enter the reference of the remote control directly.
    On some models, the reference is directly on the remote casing, usually on the bottom.
    Some references are written in the battery compartment.
    Examples of references: remote control Daikin ARC433B67, LG 6711A20010D, Samsung DB93-03170Z...

How is the air conditioning controlled via distance?

To use the remote control for your air conditioner just point at the inner unit of the air conditioner. If you press a button on the remote control, a signal appears on the remote control display and a beep sounds from the airco, as a confirmation of the received signal. The maximum range is approximately 7 meters.
Depending on the type of air conditioning, you can control different options. Please opt for the original manual of the designer for advice. It is important to check the settings on the remote control before the air conditioning is turned on.

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Cheaper remote controls for air conditioners!