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Why choose the TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 remote control ?

TELECO TVXP-868-A02 is a gate remote control available only in one colour which is white. This remote control is replaced by the fully compatible new model TELECO TXP-868-A04 with 4 buttons. The TELECO with the reference TXP-868-A02 is a 2-button remote control gate opener, operates under the frequency 868.3 MHz. 


Product description and properties

To improve your daily comfort when using your motorized garage door, TELECO TXP-868-A02 remote control is the best option. By investing on this type of transmitter, you are choosing a convenient and reliable gadget.

A remote control which programming is done with the receiver, the garage door opener has two buttons and is easily used by its rectangular shape. 


For more information on this gate fob, consider looking through the manual (PDF) or you can check out the video below which explains in detail all the the main steps to assist you in programming your TVTXP-868-A02  gate remote control.

Important information


NOTE: This gate opener is compatible with all the products TELECO-868, TV-LINK and DOMATEAM using the frequency 868 Mhz.


WARNING: If your remote control is black then the correct model is the Teleco TXP-433-A02, which is not compatible. Transmitters with different frequencies are not compatible.


Please note: If is written Elero, Tousek or Crawford on the casing of your remote control, this remote will not be compatible. We do not have any replacements for Elero remotes.


ATTENTION: Exists in TAK version with black casing, for use in collective systems or in co-ops only. Not compatible. 

What do you need to know about this remote control ?

The remote control’s operation


TELECO TVTXP-868 a 2-channel remote control using the frequency 868.3 Mhz with a fixing clip for central home automation TVlink. This handheld transmitter is compatible with TELECO radio receiver working with frequency 868.3 Mhz: TELECO RCD-868-M04

The programming is quick and simple because it’s done with the receiver.


Teleco TVTXP-866-A02 remote control replaces the following Teleco gate remotes:


It is compatible with the following Teleco gate remotes: 


TVTXP-866-A02 a 2-channel keyfob that controls all the movements of your gate and garage door...etc according to your specifications. The frequency of this item is 868.3 Mhz.  

As for its programming, the device has an auto-programming system with 0 switch, you have to do the programming in the receiver.


TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 a 2-channel rolling code key fob with a small size, it is powered by a 3V lithium battery type CR2032. A distance up to 100 meters with Teleco receivers.


The registration of the Teleco TVTXP A02 only takes few minutes and the programming requires no special equipments. 

 If you have difficulties in programming the remote, don’t worry, a manual is delivered with the remote control. 

Good to know

A gate remote control is an essential accessory that controls your motorized gate. 


To choose the good device, there are some of the criteria which must be considered. 

First of all, you should take account of your gate remote brand. The brand of your remote control must be the same as the one of your motorization. Otherwise, the automation that conducts your portal will no longer accept the command emitted by your gate opener.


Besides the brand of the equipments, it is also important to consider the number and the colour of your gate fob. This criteria is very important because it may define the frequency of your remote control. At last, you have to verify the type of programming of your transmitter. There are two different types: the programming in the receiver and the auto-programming. The aim of considering these criteria is to simplify the use of your gate remote. 




TELECO TVTXP 868 A02 remote control is only 59 mm long, a width of 33 mm and a thickness of 13 mm. Its reduced size and light-weight make it very simple to handle and easy to use. The handheld transmitter is elegant and portable with compact design, can be used as a keyring or keyfob. It is also a shock-resistant device which makes it very tough and strong under all kind of pressure or shocks. The item is provided with a fixing clip for more convenience !


How to program TELECO TVTXP-868 A02 remote control ?


Important steps of the programming

Programming of your new remote control:

There are several ways to program your new remote control

  1. Remote-to-remote programming:

  • Approach your motor so you are standing a few feet away, press the button P3 behind your already-programmed remote with a sharp object. The receiver emits a beep.

  • Press the button you wish to program on your new remote control. Let it go, the beep stops and then starts again for 5 seconds.

  • Press the same button on your new remote again until the receiver beeps occasionally. Then wait 10 seconds.

  • Your new remote control is programmed.


  1. Receiver-based programming:

  • Open the casing of your receiver located next to your motor. Press the button P1 on your receiver board. Keep it pressed down until the receiver emits a beep.

  • While keeping the button P1 pressed down, press the button you wish to program on your new remote control. Keep it pressed down until the receiver emits beeps occasionally.

  • Let the button go and wait 10 seconds.

  • Your new remote control is programmed.


Can’t seem to program your TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 gate remote control ?


 No need to worry, we are available to assist using our know-how. Firstly, consider reading the notice, delivered with each TVTXP-868-A02 remote control, that will provide you all the required instructions. Remote Control Express also provides tutorials and PDF manuals for most TELECO remote controls. If you need any more help or information, you can call our free helpline. One of our experts will take you through each step in order to help you and support you through programming your gate remote control. You can even send us a photo using your mobile to +33 (0)616 962 454. This number is solely reserved for receiving MMS photos.


Frequently Asked Questions about this product

How do the programming of my gate keyfob if i live in a shared space or condo? 


Some TELECO remote controls are impossible to get programmed by yourself. If that's the case you have to contact the owner or installer of the receiver in order to get the knowledge to program your new TELECO remote control.


About the brand TELECO

TELECO was founded in the 70s and first specialised in the production of receivers for televisions but as time passed they shifted more into the production remote controls for garages.


We provide you TELECO remote controls that are 100 % original and you also receive a guarantee of 2 years.

It is mandatory to choose the right TELECO remote which is compatible with your receiver of your garage 

The brand TELECO offers you a large choice of remote controls in your catalogue.  To find the right TELECO remote control under this vaste choice of remotes you have to know the reference number of your current remote or your receiver in order to be sure, that your chosen remote control is compatible with your receiver.

Do you still have problems identifying the right TELECO remote control? In this case, we'd like to offer you some help in finding your TELECO remote control. Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 20h and from Saturday from 9h to 13h via phone, fax and email. 


Why order your TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 remote control on Remote Control Express?


-Advantage 1:

Wanting to receive your gate remote control quickly? Choose 24-hour delivery anywhere in United Kingdom.


-Advantage 2:

Purchase multiple remote controls and save money by taking advantage of our shipping offers.


-Advantage 3:

Wanting to save time and be able to use your TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 gate remote control immediately? You’ll be glad to know that all our remote controls come with batteries. This means you can quickly start using your TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 remote control.


Remote Control Express will lead you through each stage of the process of buying your TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 remote control.

Technical information TELECO

Model TVTXP-868-A02
Reference : TVTXP868A02
Frequency 868.3 MHz Attention:: Remotes with the same frequency are not compatible, if the shape, the color of keys, color of the box is different. This applies even if they are from the same brand. They do not have the same electronics!
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery CR2032
Battery and instructions included Yes

How to program TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 remote control ?

Video - Programming a remote control TELECO TVTXP-868-A02 :

98% of our customers find it easy to program this remote

PDF - Manual

Download the manual

« Simple programming without additional material ! »

Read the reviews of our customers , withTrustpilot All of the following reviews are from customers who bought the product.
Cardiff, 07/05/2019

« First remotes sent were wrong type , after contacting your helpdesk ,it was all sorted and the 2 correct ones were sent Thanks C Moore »

Dursley, 02/02/2019

« It was not easy to understand how to programme the garage door opener from the written instructions, but I telephoned the UK number that was supplied to ask for help and he explained what I had to do very clearly - very helpful and solved my problems. It was then very straightforward to get the new opener working properly. Very satisfied with this help, thank you. »

Hull, 16/01/2019

« New remote control worked straight out of the box after programming it. Half the price quoted by the garage door supplier. Just needed to verify by phone that I was ordering the correct model. Superb supplier. »

Peterhead , 02/01/2019

« The original instructions for the remotes, are not easily understood. These are original equipment manufacturers instructions, which are rubbish, but are only forwarded on by remote control express, who are blameless and perhaps could have supplied the necessary info if contacted. Details how to programme the units were easily found on-line. »

NOTTINGHAM, 06/12/2018

« Very smooth transaction and very reasonable prices compared with my door installer »

Wigan, 02/12/2018

« Worked as expected - thanks »

Sudbury, 30/11/2018

« Satisfactory »

Tadley, 22/11/2018

« I had to double check that I was ordering the right unit because the website information wasn't quite right in my situation. The reply to my query was very fast indeed (within an hour) and accurate. I am delighted with the service and my replacement garage door remote control. »

Wrotham, Sevenoaks, 03/10/2018

« I have ordered fobs satisfactorily in the past but on this occasion not only have I been unable to program the remotes, when ringing the telephone number for help it has been extremely difficult to get through. I still have two remotes that I am unable to program. »



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