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Gate Remote Control : You have installed a motorization at your gate or garage door and you do not have enough remote controls at your disposal ? See our selection of remote controls for the best price. Order from Tuesday, April 13, 2021 !

You wish to equip your gate or your garage door with an electric motor? You can now acquire a motor-assisted kit, in which you will find all the spare parts, allowing you to mechanize your installation and use it, including: an electric motor, a receiver, a set of IR security sensors, a flashing light indicator and, obviously, a gate remote control. Surely you could control your newly motorized system with a fixed keypad, still, using a remote gate opener remains the best option for everyday use.

Why should you buy a gate remote control ?

  • It's convenient
    Are you sharing the same gate or garage door ? Tired of having to call and wait outside only to get in ? Decide on buying multiples gate remote control for each and every one, no more headaches.
  • It's time saving
    On a cold and rainy day, you wish to keep your strength and avoid getting out of your vehicle to open your gate or your garage door ! Using a gate remote control saves you the trouble. Let it handle all your wireless and automated installations, at home and at work.
  • It's secure
    When you want to secure your home or your work places, the remote control gate is a "must have" you need. Mechanized gates and garage doors are, indeed, widely used on a daily basis when it comes to ease of access.

How to choose your gate remote control correctly ?

Do you already own an automated system with a remote gate opener but you wish to acquire a spare or an additional unit? In order to obtain a device, you must check the references, either on the back of your gate remote control or your automated system user manual. If you are unsure concerning your references, we will help you on that matter. You can send us a picture (front and back) of your remote via email or via the contact form.

You may have lost your user manual and therefore the references of your remote control gate. Do not hesitate to check our free programming instructions, it might help you find your own.

Why use a universal remote control gate over a branded one ?

You own a couple or more automated opening systems ? For instance, you may be using a remote gate as well as a remote garage door, both using different set of remote openers. Using a universal remote control solves the issue by grouping every single branded remote into one, providing you with everything you need at the tip of your finger.

Register all your remotes into the universal remote control to cut the prices and effortless control your automated systems. Plus, branded remotes have a limited time span and can be easily lost. In that case, you often go for the very same device to ensure that it will be fully . But instead of having to buy 2 or 3 remote openers, buy only one! And adding to the fact that a universal remote control is usually cheaper, this is a solid consideration when you have to decide what to buy.

Why should you buy your gate remote control on Remotecontrol-Express ?

We will give you 3 simple answers on why acquiring your remote control gate from our website:

  1. Saving money: buy 2 remote openers and you get free shipping
    If you decide to buy two gate remotes control or more on our website, shipping is free of charges. Do not miss this opportunity to buy yours at low cost! 1, 2, 3... you pick the number for your users.
  2. Program it, use it
    Sounds like a puzzle box? We share your apprehension. You can get lost if you don't follow the procedure by the book. That's why Remotecontrol-Express provides you with a step-by-step guide as well as video tutorials (for the most common remote controllers), so you can go through the process with ease. If, despite this help, you struggle to program your remote control gate, you can contact our customer line (0.899.70.03.09) and ask for a complete walk through.
  3. Express 24h or 48h delivery: we deliver the next day upon any checkout as you request !
    We know how delicate the situation is when you lost your remote opener as you need it on a daily basis. It can also be challenging to share your remote opener. With a remote gate opener for each individual, well, you don't need to worry about that kind of compromise. We fully understand the complexity of each situation you may encounter and put in all our efforts to deliver your items right on time.

How to easily program an remote control gate ?

No worries about that part! Our expertise with gate remote control at Remotecontrol-Express gives you access to a well-furnished user guides, including videos based tutorials for most of them.

Before jumping straight forward into programing your remote gate opener, take note that you can choose between several programs modes as follows:

  • Switch based remote opener programming:
    • Process 1 : Align the dip switches of your newly remote following the same pattern as the old one.
    • Process 2 : Align the dip switches of your remote opener following the same pattern of your remote receiver.
  • Auto-learning remote opener programming: you remote control is already programmed must transmit its code to the new remote control when the same button is pressed on both remotes controls.
  • Remote opener programming with your remote receiver: a push-button must be activated within your remote receiver followed by a push on one of the remote opener buttons (the one you wish to pair with the receiver).

/!\ Warning : Do you live in a co-owned building ? Before proceeding, please reach out to your co-owned syndicate to be granted access to the remote receiver. Be sure as well that you are allowed to program your remote gate opener yourself.