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Reference : : 787471

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Brand FAAC
Model TM2 868DS
Reference : 787471
Frequency 868.35 MHz
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming 12 Switch
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Dimensions 9.3 x 14 x 3.3 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes

Please note: please do not confuse this extremely rare model (frequency of 868 MHz) with the similar-looking but much more widespread model FAAC 433 DS-2 (frequency of 433 MHz, also available on our site). The frequency should be written on the back or on the quartz in the inside of the remote control (TM433 for the model 433DS-2, otherwise TM868DS). Remote controls with different frequencies are not compatible.

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Frieda 01/06/2022

« I ordered 2 soft touch remotes from you in April and it took 6 weeks to arrive . After several attempt myself and numerous attempts by my neighbours none of us could get them to work. Tried frequently to contact you with no luck. I now wish to return them how do I do this. Mrs Yeo »

Paul 21/09/2021

« This was an absolutely awful customer experience for me. My order was delayed significantly, causing me after a week to telephone your Customer Services department who informed me that my order would be delivered the next day; this did not happen. Two and a half weeks after I had placed the order a package arrived; unfortunately it contained someone else's order of one (completely different) remote and not the five devices which I had ordered. I then contacted your Customer Services department who said that they would arrange another delivery to me (as the shipment sent originally to me had been lost) but that they would only do so once I had returned the remote which had been incorrectly delivered to me. I objected to this "blackmail" but, on the basis that this appeared to be the only way that I would get my order I did send back the device which had been incorrectly sent to me. I was then told that, in addition to the charges shown on my invoice, I would be responsible for UK import duties. I pointed out that my order had been accepted without reference to such charges and that the change of terms amounted to breach of contract. By this time, however, I had lost all confidence in your organisation and the likelihood of me ever receiving the order which I had paid for. On that basis, I cancelled the order and requested a refund. Again, the response from your Customer Services team was that you would refund my payment (for five devices) only when you received back the one device which had been incorrectly sent to me. I complained that my refund should not be conditional on the return of the item which was ordered by another person and eventually your Customer Services team agreed to process the refund without waiting for return of the other person's order. I received the full refund of the order value a few days later but I have still not been refunded the shipping cost in respect of the returned item, even though the forwarding company has confirmed that delivery to you happened a week ago (14th September). It is apparent that your organisation has a very different understanding of the term "Customer Service" to me. I am appalled by your approach to the various issues which I faced in relation to this order; I would never deal with you again. I still await refund of the return postage cost; I have today chased your Customer Services department about this but I fear that the reply may well cause further anger on my part! »

Roy 07/10/2018

« The instructions were illegible. Much too small to read, even when enlarged. Does anyone even think about the user? »

David 19/02/2018

« Easy to use and efficient service »