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Frequency 433.42 MHz
Number of buttons 4
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery CR2430
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 1 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes

SOMFY KEYGO T4 PRO RTS remote control available only in one colouR which is black with black buttons. The SOMFY with the reference KEYGO T4 PRO RTS is a 4-button remote for gates, using the frequency 433.42 MHz. 

Product description and properties

For those who wish to enjoy impressive comfort and security, we recommend you to opt for the SOMFY KEYGO T4 PRO RTS remote control. Its reliability allows you to remotely control several automations.


The SOMFY KEYGO T4 PRO RTS remote control is ideal to monitor your automatic devices, it is known for its innovative and elegant design. If you are looking for a model that is easy to use and to handle, you should know that this one is quite small in size. Easy to use with its 4 distinct buttons, it can be used by all members of your family. Designed by a renowned label, this transmitter also offers exceptional robustness and durability. 

Moreover, it is a product that is completely easy to program with a self-learning mode.


For more information on this gate fob, consider looking through the manual (PDF) or you can check out the video below which explains in detail all the main steps to assist you in programming your KEYGO T4 PRO RTS gate remote control.


Important information

Note: SOMFY KEYGO T4 PRO is ergonomic and user-friendly, perfect for residential use.


NOTE: Well-thought-out, the KEYGO RTS has a large button to control the most frequently used automatic system and 3 other buttons designed to prevent accidental triggering.


WARNING: Before purchasing the KEYGO T4 PRO RTS transmitter from SOMFY, be aware that it has a red LED. It is important not to confuse it with the SOMFY KEYGO IO model with a green LED. 


If you wish to buy it to replace the old Somfy Keygo IO remote control, please note that these two remotes are not compatible!


NOTE: Before buying your beeper, we advise you to pay attention to the number of buttons, the colour of the remote control, the frequency and the registration mode of your device. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises. 


Attention: SOMFY transmitter is not compatible with other models of different frequencies.


What do you need to know about this remote control ?

The remote control’s operation


A high quality original Somfy keygo t4 pro rts remote control operates with a frequency of 433.42 MHz to emit signals to the receiver.The programming is done in the receiver


Somfy keygo t4 pro rts remote control replaces the following Somfy gate remotes:


It is compatible with the following Somfy gate remotes: 

Compatible with the following gate automations:

  • SGS 200 SGS 400 SGS 500 SGS 600 SGS 501 SGS 601

  • Exavia 500

  • AR 400

  • SGA 4100 SGA 5000 SGA 6000

  • Evolvia 400 Passeo 800

  • S400 SLD 3000

  • SLD 31000 LS 400 NS Axovia 400 NS

  • Freevia 280 Freevia 300 Freevia 600

  • Slidymoove 300 Slidymoove 600

  • LS 420 LS 430 LS 360

  • Elixo RTS Elixo 500 3S

  • Axovia 220 A NS Axovia 220 B Axovia 200 A RTS

  • Axovia Multi Pro 3S RTS

  • Ixengo S 3S Ixengo L 3S RTS

  • Invisio 3S RTS


  • AX24 RTS

  • AX230 RTS


And with the following garage automations:

  • Axorn 50 NS Axorn 70 NS Axorn 90 NS

  • Axovia 170S NS Axovia 400C NS

  • GDK 3000 GDK 4000

  • GDK 700

  • LS 9000

  • Dexxo Pro 800 1000 RTS

  • Dexxo Compact RTS

  • Rollixo RTS

  • Axroll RTS

  • GDT 100 GDT 200

  • FX230V


Note: Easy to program, you can control up to four RTS-connected products individually.


Keygo T4 PRO RTS is a four-channel keyring remote control for automatic garage doors, gates, roller shutters, blinds, lighting, etc.It is powered by CR2430 batteries.

The remote control allows all automatic gates or garage doors operating on the 433 MHz frequency. 

As for its programming, the device is an auto-programming model. It is easily programmed from an existing remote or from the receiver.

Keygo T4 Pro Rts a 4 channel remote control with an innovated design, A range up to 100 meters!


Good to know

The main advantage of a gate remote control is to control remotely. This solution allows you to enjoy exceptional comfort. A transmitter also offers you the possibility to reinforce the security of your property. Therefore, it is important to consider the proper functioning of your model before buying a new one. So you need to find the model that fits perfectly with the automation of your gate or garage door.



Somfy keygo t4 pro rts remote control is 59 mm long, a width of 39 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. This transmitter comes in a keyring, it has 1 big button and 3 small buttons. Its small and reduced size makes it very simple to handle and easy to use. Designed to fit in any pocket, it is shock and moisture resistant. The handheld transmitter is very tough and strong under all kind of pressure or shocks.


How to program SOMFY KEYGO T4 PRO RTS remote control?


Important steps of the programming

Programming by using an already programmed remote, this method can be realised with RTS remotes such as TELIS 1 RTS, TELIS 4 RTS, CONTROLS RTS, SMOOVE RTS:

  • Open the back of your KEYGO.

  • Press the button located on the back of your already-programmed on your blinds remote for 3 seconds.

  • Your roller shutter performs a back and forth movement, press the PROG button of your transmitter.

  • Press the button you want to program while the LED is on, your roller shutter performs again a back and forth movement.

  • Press the same button again, your remote control is now registered on your blinds.


Programming with the receiver: 

  • Receiver type 1:

  • Open the cover of the receiver, located next to your motor.

  • Press the programming button “Prog 1” on the receiver circuit board. The LED L1 lights up.

  • Press any button on your new transmitter. Release the button, the LED on the receiver flashes and then goes out.

  • Wait 10 seconds.

  • Your new remote control is successfully programmed.


  • Receiver type 2:

  • Open your receiver, located next to your motor. Press on the receiver one of the arrows until F0 will be displayed on the screen.

  • Press the “validation” button on the receiver, the screen shows 00 for the total opening. To select the partial opening press +, the screens displays 01.

  • Press simultaneously the button you want to program on your remote and the “validation” button of the receiver until the screen shows two dashes. Release the buttons.

  • Press on the receiver the “sortie du menu” button. Your new beeper is now programmed!


Finding it hard to program your SOMFY KEYGO 4 RTS gate remote control? 

No worries, we are here to assist using our know-how. First, consider looking through the information sent with each KEYGO 4 RTS remote control. our online store also provides instructional videos for most SOMFY remote controls. If you need any more help or details, you can call our free helpline. One of our specialists will take you through each step in order to help you program your transmitter. 

You can even send us a photo using your mobile to +33 (0)616 962 454. This number is exclusively reserved for receiving MMS photos.


Frequently Asked Questions about this product

How do I add the SOMFY KEYGO T4 PRO RTS remote control to a roller shutter?

To carry out this operation, start by removing the two screws behind your gadget using a screwdriver. Then remove the back cover. Take your already programmed remote contro

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