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Please make sure you have the original remote control in operational condition if you order this model: programming will be done by a teach-in method.
Brand BFT
Model MITTO 2M
Reference : 6900942
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Dimensions 4 x 6 x 2 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes
This remote replaces BFT B RCB02, BFT MITTO 2M, BFT MITTO-2A, BFT TRC1, BFT TRC2

BFT MITTO 2M remote control only available in one colour which is black. This remote control is replaced by the model MITTO 2 B RCB02 which is 100% compatible. The BFT with the reference MITTO 2M is a 2 button remote for gates, operating under the frequency 433.92 MHz. 

Product description and properties

To improve your daily comfort when using your motorized gate, BFT MITTO 2M remote control is the best option. By investing on this type of transmitter, you are choosing a convenient and reliable gadget.

A Rolling-code remote control which programming is done with the receiver, the gate opener has two buttons and is easily used by its small size. 

For more information on this gate fob, consider looking through the manual (PDF) or you can check out the video below which explains in detail all the the main steps to assist you in programming your BFT MITTO 2M gate remote control.

Important information

NOTE: This item is provided with a led that confirms the success of the programming.


Please note: if you live in a co-op, you may not be able to program this remote yourself. Please contact the building management to verify if the system is locked or not. If you are a private owner then the programming of the BFT MITTO 2M is very simple.


ATTENTION: Each BFT device has a unique code, the programming must be renewed with each new remote control. When programming, it may be required on the package to press the hidden button of the transmitter. If you don't have any hidden button on the back of your remote, then you have to simultaneously press the two top buttons of your transmitter.


This remote control is fully compatible with the new 4-button model BFT MITTO 4M


What do you need to know about this remote control ?

The remote control’s operation


 BFT KIT CLONIX2E RECEIVER is ideal for this gate remote control. 

The gate opener operates with a frequency of 433.92 MHz to emit signals to the receiver and is powered with a battery 12V, excellent voltage to optimize the good autonomy of the device. 

The programming is quick and simple because it’s done with the receiver.


BFT MITTO 2M remote control replaces the following BFT gate remotes:


It is compatible with the following BFT gate remotes: 


MITTO 2M remote control with 2 grey buttons for garage door operators. This model is powered by an extended battery life 12V type LR23A. 

A 2-channel Rolling code hand transmitter type, can control up to two motorizations, gate, garage door...etc, each button allows to drive a motorized system. A sufficient range that promises the good functioning of the device !

The registration of the MITTO2M transmitter only takes few minutes and the programming requires no special equipments. If you have difficulties in programming the remote, don’t worry, a manual is delivered with the remote control. 

Good to know

A gate remote control is an essential accessory that controls your motorized gate. 

To choose the good device, there are some of the criteria which must be considered.

 First of all, you should take account of your gate remote brand. The brand of your remote control must be the same as the one of your motorization. Otherwise, the automation that conducts your portal will no longer accept the command emitted by your gate opener.

Besides the brand of the equipments, it is also important to consider the number and the colour of your gate fob. This criteria is very important because it may define the frequency of your remote control. 

At last, you have to verify the type of programming of your transmitter. There are two different types: the programming in the receiver and the auto-programming. The aim of considering these criteria is to simplify the use of your gate remote. 



Bft Mitto 2M remote control is 64 mm long, a width of 41 mm and a thickness of 16 mm. It is so ergonomic and designed to last. Its reduced size makes it very simple to handle and easy to use. The gate opener is really resistant thanks to its tenacity and its impressive toughness even under strong pressure or shock.


This BFT key fob only has two ergonomic grey buttons, making it elegant and simple to use!.


How to program BFT MITTO 2M remote control ?


Important steps of the programming

There are different types of receivers: 


Receiver without digital screen (first type of receiver): 


  1. Open the casing of your receiver located next to your motor. On the receiver circuit board, press the programming button (SW1). When the LED of the receiver blinks, release the button. 

  2. Press both buttons on your new remote control at the same time and then let them go. The LED of the receiver remains lit.

  3. Press the left button on your new remote control and let it go when the LED light of the receiver blinks. Then, wait 5 seconds till the LED of the receiver turns off.

  4. Repeat this procedure for the right button but this time using the programming button SW2.

  5. Wait 10 seconds. Your new remote control is programmed.


Receiver with digital screen (second type of receiver):

  1. Press the “OK” button on your receiver twice till the screen displays “PARA”.

  2. Press the “-” button on your receiver twice till the screen displays “RADIO”.

  3. Press the “OK” button on your receiver once till the screen displays “ADJ STRT”.

  4. Press the “OK” button on your receiver once till the screen displays “Hidden Button”.

  5. Press both button on your new remote control at the same time and keep them pressed down till the screen displays “Released”.

  6. Let the button go, the screen displays “Desired Button”. Press a button on your new remote control till the screen displays “OK”.

  7. Wait 10 seconds. Your new remote control is programmed.


Finding it hard to program your BFT MITTO 2M gate remote ? 


No need to panic, we are available at your service to assist using our expertise. Firstly, consider looking through the information delivered with each MITTO 2M product. Our online store also provides tutorials for most BFT remote controls. If you need any more details or help, call our free helpline. One of our specialists will take you through each step in order to help you program your gate remote control. You can even send us a photo using your phone to +33 (0)616 962 454. This number is solely reserved for receiving MMS photos.


Frequently Asked Questions about this product

Is it possible to program this remote control if i live in a co-op ?

The programming of this remote control is not possible if you live in a co-op. The registration may be locked by the guard, in this case you should check with the syndic.

If you live in an individual home, you will have no difficulties for programming your Mitto 2M.

About the brand BFT


The company history of BFT begins 1981, with the establishment of the company Thiene. Specialist in the field of automation, with the aim always to offer an excellent service for its customers and products that are reliable and durable, have established the brand over time as one of the top manufacturers in this industry.


In 2004, Somfy bought the company and expanded BFT into a multinational company. Always with the aim of offering individual solutions and corporate customers future-oriented solutions, easy to use and always adapted to the needs of the customer.


You can buy a remote control for BFT gates or a remote for garage doors with good quality.

You can also find all BFT remotes in our catalog.

For example, you will find the remote BFT B RCB02, the remote BFT MITTO 2M, the remote BFT TO2 or the remote BFT B RCB04.

All remote controls for BFT garage doors or gates are available at remotecontrol-express. Our goal: to help you replace your BFT garage remote control or to find and buy a new BFT remote.


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Remote Control Express will lead you through each stage of the process of buying your BFT MITTO 2M remote control.

Mark 20/02/2023

« After 2 weeks order was not received. A refund was offered and processed very quickly. I ordered from the website as appeared to be a UK company. It was only upon receiving the order confirmation that i realised it was coming from France, if i had been aware of this before ordering i may have placed the order elsewhere. »

Melanie 12/10/2022

« Speedy delivery and great product. Easy to programme to open garage door remotely with the help of a ‘you tube’ tutorial video. »

David 14/08/2022

« Item as described. Was delivered as promised and was easy to program. »

Jacqueline 07/06/2022

« Never received the controllers as the courier delivered someone else's parcel. Refund provided, but I still don't have any controls! Suggest you use a different courier. We always have issues with DPD delivering our parcels to someone else. Looking to obtain controllers elesewhere »

Ian 01/05/2022

« Poor instructions on cloning process. Still have not managed to carry out the cloning of my 3 new remotes despite following online guidance from BFT. Really disappointed . Your company supplied and delivered smoothly it is just the programming that is the issue. »

Michelle 11/08/2021

« Found replacement cover for remote easily and delivery was quick. Easy to swap the innards over »

Peter 24/12/2020

« Good service »

Brenda 11/09/2020

« So much better than the old remote »

Tim 13/08/2020

« Great value and easy to program. »

Graham 02/07/2020

« I am pleased with the remote control it functions perfectly. »