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How to program SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 remote control ?

Video - Programming a remote control SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 :

PDF - Manual

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« Simple programming without additional material ! »

Why choose the SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 remote control ?

SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 is a gate remote control available only in one colour which is grey. This remote control is replaced by and fully compatible with the new model SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX3 with 3 buttons. SEA with the reference SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 is a remote for gates, it has 2 buttons grey and red and operates under the frequency 433.92 MHz. 


Product description and properties

To improve your daily comfort when using your motorized garage door, SEA DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 remote control is the best option. By investing on this type of transmitter, you are choosing a convenient and reliable gadget.

An auto-programming remote control, the garage door opener has two buttons and is easily used by its convenient shape. 

For more information on this gate fob, consider looking through the manual (PDF) or you can check out the video below which explains in detail all the the main steps to assist you in programming your SMART ECOPY 433 TX2 gate remote control.


Important information

ATTENTION :  This remote does not have dip switches but it can still be used to replace the SEA remote with dip switches inside.

This model (no internal programmable switches) comes in two different frequencies: 433.92 MHz and 868 MHz.

WARNING : Do not confuse this model using the frequency 433.92 MHz with SEA SMART 868 DUAL COPY 2 that uses the frequency 868 MHz.

The model displayed here has a frequency of 433.92 MHz.


Remotes with different frequencies won't be compatible


NOTE: In order to determine the correct frequency, please press one of the buttons:

If the LED light flashes, then it is the model with a frequency of 433 MHz (the model shown here).

If the LED light lights up and remains lit, then it is the model with a frequency of 868 MHz, the SEA HEAD 868-2.

Please note: This remote control without internal programmable switches may replace a remote control with internal programmable switches if both remote controls have the same frequency and if you are in possession of a functional working model.


What do you need to know about this remote control ?

The remote control’s operation


SEA smart dual ecopy 433 TX2 a 2-channel remote control using the frequency 433.92Mhz is used with Sea 433MHz wireless gate receivers.  

This handheld transmitter is compatible with all SEA radio receivers working with frequency 433 Mhz

Uses a a fixed code system with self-learning function (10 switches) and easy programming procedure from the receiver


SEA smart ecopy 433 tx2 remote control replaces the following SEA gate remotes:


It is compatible with the following SEA gate remotes: 


Smart Dual Ecopy 433-TX2 a 2-channel keyfob that controls all the movements of your gate and garage door...etc according to your specifications. The frequency of this item is 433.92 Mhz.  

As for its programming, the device has an auto-programming system (remote to remote code copy) with 10 switches.


SEA dual ecopy 433 tx2 a 2-channel fixed code key fob with a small size, it is powered by two 3V batteries type CR2016. A distance up to 100 meters. 

The registration of the smart dual ecopy 433 tx2 only takes few minutes and the programming requires no special equipments. 

If you have difficulties in programming the remote, don’t worry, a manual is delivered with the remote control. 

This garage door controller has 1 red button and 1 light grey button and a red LED.

Good to know

A gate remote control is an essential accessory that controls your motorized gate. 


To choose the good device, there are some of the criteria which must be considered. 

First of all, you should take account of your gate remote brand. The brand of your remote control must be the same as the one of your motorization. Otherwise, the automation that conducts your portal will no longer accept the command emitted by your gate opener.


Besides the brand of the equipments, it is also important to consider the number and the colour of your gate fob. This criteria is very important because it may define the frequency of your remote control. At last, you have to verify the type of programming of your transmitter. There are two different types: the programming in the receiver and the auto-programming. The aim of considering these criteria is to simplify the use of your gate remote. 



SEA smart ecopy 433 tx2 remote control is 64 mm long, a width of 35 mm and a thickness of 14 mm. Its reduced size and light-weight make it very simple to handle and easy to use. The handheld transmitter is elegant and well designed. It is a shock-resistant device which makes it very tough and strong under all kind of pressure or shocks. The item is very ergonomic, reliable and very convenient for home use !


How to program SEA smart dual ecopy 433 TX2 remote control ?


Important steps of the programming

Programming of your new remote control:

There are several ways to program your new remote control

  1. Remote-to-remote programming (with a functional remote control) :

  • Press both top buttons on your new remote control and keep them pressed down till the LED light blinks, let the buttons go. Approach your new remote control to your already-programmed remote.

  • Press the button you wish to program on your new remote control, when the LED remains lit fixedly, let the button go.

  • Press the same button on your already programmed remote, the LED blinks twice. Repeat this procedure for each button you wish to program on your new transmitter.

  • Your new remote control is programmed.


  1. Receiver-based programming ( if you do not have a functional remote control) :

  • Open the casing of your receiver located next to your motor. On the receiver circuit board, press the programming button and let it go (ENR, MEMO, PROG, REC…).

  • The LED light on the receiver illuminates, press a button on your new remote control for 1 second.

  • Let the button go, the LED on the receiver turns off immediately or in the 10 following seconds.

  • Your new remote control is programmed.


Finding it hard to program your SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 gate remote control ? 

No need to panic, our team is here to help using our skills. First of all, consider reading the programming instructions sent with each SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 remote control. our online store also provides instructional videos for most SEA remote controls. If you need any more help, call our free helpline. One of our specialists will take you through each step in order to help you program your gate remote control. You can even send us a photo using your phone to +33 (0)616 962 454. This number is exclusively reserved for receiving MMS photos. 


About the brand SEA


In almost more than 25 years SEA has become a leader in the doors and gates automations field as a new reality provided of a vanguard system of production realized in an establishment which develops on over 11.000 sq. meters area. The winning strategy which has allowed to satisfy and create a link with customers of over 50 countries is the high flexibility warranted by a unique production system realized inside the establishment.

The raw material bought by SEA company is manufactured following all the productive process phases and become a finished product after having passed a whole series of progressive controls.


The final result which can be assured only by "self-made" production is the so-called TOTAL QUALITY.


Through this strategy SEA has succeeded in obtaining a wide range of reliable products, it has been successful in conquering important positions in all the main world markets and in obtaining the UL, CE, product certifications and the ISO 9001, company certifications.

Nowadays, SEA is an important group which is continually growing up with assistance centers which can be found in all the selling markets with a CORE BUSINESS concentrated on Hydraulic products and it is in charge of the whole productive cycle as its own differentiation element toward competitors.


Why order your SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 remote control on our online store? 


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Remote Control Express will lead you through each stage of the process of buying your SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2 remote control.

Technical information SEA

Brand SEA
Reference : P23110630
Frequency 433.92 MHz Attention:: Remotes with the same frequency are not compatible, if the shape, the color of keys, color of the box is different. This applies even if they are from the same brand. They do not have the same electronics!
Number of buttons 2
Type of programming Auto-programming
Type of battery CR2016
Dimensions 64 x 35 x 14 mm
Battery and instructions included Yes
This remote replaces SEA 433-SMART-2-SWITCH, SEA 433-SMART-3-SWITCH, SEA SMART DUAL ECOPY 433 TX2

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