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Reference : : 806TS-0122

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Brand CAME
Reference : 806TS-0122
Frequency multiple MHz
Number of buttons 4
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery CR2032
Dimensions 15 x 9 x 1 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes

CAME TOPD4RKS available only in 6 different colours. This remote control is able to copy the code from any CAME remote. The CAME with the reference TOPD4RKS is a remote for gates with 4 white buttons, is a double frequency remote control that uses two frequencies 433 and 868 Mhz.

Product description and properties

For those who wish to combine comfort and safety, we recommend the use of this transmitter. The performance of this model allows you to control the opening and closing of your motorized equipment.

The CAME TOPD4RKS has seduced professionals as well as private individuals, thanks to its aesthetics which is quite original. Indeed, with its reduced size and different colours, it promises you a modern design. 

With its very distinct buttons, it offers exceptional ease of handling. The Came remote control also promises an impressive lifespan. 

The TOPD4RKS is also known for its easy programming. The R termination of the remote control reference indicates that the remote control is a Rolling code model.


For more information on this gate fob, consider looking through the manual (PDF) or you can check out the video below which explains in detail all the main steps to assist you in programming your CAME TOPD4RKS gate opener.

Important information


WARNING: The CAME TOPD4R remote control is a 4-button multi-frequency remote control. The termination R of the TOPD2R, TOPD4R remote control reference indicates that the remote control is Rolling code and is NOT compatible with TOPD2F, TOPD4F remote controls

The F, in this case, indicates that the remote control is fixed code.


ATTENTION: Remotes with the same frequency are not compatible if the shape, the colour of keys, the colour of the box is different. This applies even if they are from the same brand. They do not have the same electronics.


NOTE: This transmitter is a rolling code transmitter.


Note: Do not confuse this model with Came remote control. 

Remotes with different frequencies are not compatible. 


What do you need to know about this remote control?

The remote control’s operation

CAME TOPD4RKS double-channel garage door remote control is compatible with all CAME radio receivers. This transmitter operates with two frequencies 433.92 MHz and 868.35 MHz to emit signals to the receiver and manages several operators on different frequencies. 

The programming is done by self-learning mode. You can perform the settings of your remote control from an old remote model or from the receiver of your gate drive. 


CAME TOPD4RKS remote control replaces and is compatible with the following Came gate remotes:


CAME TOPD4RKS gate key fob is equipped with four buttons that control all the movements of your garage door according to your specifications. One drive to control two frequencies 433.92 MHz and 868.35 MHz. Double channel rolling code remote that allows the transmitter to a very long range and more security thanks to the dynamic code.

As for its programming, the device has a self-learning function so is auto-programming and a rolling code coding. It is easily programmed from an existing remote or from the receiver.

The gadget is delivered with instruction so don’t panic!  


CAME TOPD4RKS is powered by a one battery type CR2023. A distance up to 100 meters!

Easy transmission of the coding (rolling code type) and easy programming. A 4 channel remote control that allows 4 automatic gates and garage doors


Good to know

The CAME TOPD4RKS is currently one of our most coveted products. This is due to its impressive robustness. If you wish to use a remote control that offers exceptional longevity, this is the solution for you. Its front panel has been created from a material that is resistant to shock and pressure. This model offers an excellent grip and is far from bulky. This allows you to take it wherever you want. If you're afraid of losing it, you can use it as a key ring.



Came TOPD4RKS remote control is only 58 mm long, a width of 31 mm and a thickness of 15 mm. If you are looking for a good design remote control and easy to use, choose right away the Came Top d4rks. This model is highly aesthetical, its colour gives it a classic aspect. It is also a shock-resistant device which makes it very tough and strong under all kind of pressure or shocks. Enabling the device to a long life. 


The keyfob is very simple to handle and easy to use. Its small and reduced size helps it to quickly find its place in your pocket or in your bag. 


How to program CAME TOPD4RKS remote control?


Important steps of the programming

To program your remote control, we advise you to start by standing 5 meters away from your electric gate.

  • Take your already programmed remote control.

  • Approach the two remotes closer together.

  • Press the button on your old remote control for 10 seconds.

  • You will notice that the LED on your new remote blinks.

  • Your remote control is now programmed.

  • You can repeat this operation for all the buttons you want to program.


Finding it hard to program your CAME TOPD4RKS gate remote control?

No need to worry, our team is available to help using our skills. First of all, consider looking through the programming instructions sent with each TOPD4RKS remote control. Remote Control Express also provides tutorials for most CAME remote controls. If you need any more help, you can call our free helpline. One of our specialists will take you through each step to help you program your gate remote control. 

You can even send us a photo using your phone to +33 (0)616 962 454. This number is solely reserved for receiving MMS photos. 


About the brand CAME

With the choice of a CAME remote control, you choose a quality product of one of the market leaders for home automation, garage doors and security technology.


In order to improve the quality of life of the customers, CAME offers a wide range of remote controls for gates and garages.


No matter if you are a private person who wants to protect his house or a professional who wants to protect his business. Choose CAME for garage doors and gates.


Among the online references available, we offer you the remote controls Came TOP432EE, the TOP302A, the Came TOP432S, the TOP434EV or the Came TOP862EV. Whatever you need, you can easily find the remote for garages and gates of Came.


We as an expert in the sale of CAME remote controls for garage doors and gates, help you to purchase the right item. Order in a few clicks and get it delivered quickly and safely.



Why order your CAME TOPD4RKS remote control on Remote Control Express? 


-Advantage 1 : 

Wishing to take delivery of quickly? Choose 24-hour delivery anywhere in the United Kingdom.


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Purchase multiple remote controls and save money by taking advantage of our shipping offers.


-Advantage 3 : 

Wanting to save time and be able to use your CAME TOPD4RKS gate remote control immediately? You’ll be glad to learn that all our remote controls come with batteries. As a result, you can quickly start using your CAME TOPD4RKS remote control.


Our online store will lead you through each stage of the process of buying your CAME TOPD4R remote control.


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