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Reference : : 13160010

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Model RS433-TXR1
Reference : 13160010
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Number of buttons 1
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Battery and instructions included Yes
This remote replaces IUPPITER 1-30875 , EXTEL 141-1, SCIAR 141-1, SAFARI 2, TREBI 224 TX2, TREBI 224 TX4, SOMFY 224-1, PROMATER 224-1, PROMATER 224-2, TAU 250TX02E, TAU 250TX04E, GENIUS 252, CASALI 252, POWERDOOR 252, GENIUS 252 NEW, GENIUS 254, CASALI 254, POWERDOOR 254, TAU 26TX2, TAU 26TX4, SEA 30.900 MHZ -2, SEA 30.900 MHZ -4, IUPPITER 306 , MULTICODE 3079 40.685MHZ, SEA 30900-1 OLD, SEA 30900-2 OLD

TOUSEK RS433-TXR1 remote control available only in one colour which is black. This remote control is replaced by the new compatible model TOUSEK RS-433-TXR-2B. The TOUSEK with the reference RS433 TXR1 is a 1 button remote for gates, using the frequency 433.92 MHz. 

Product description and properties

To improve your daily comfort when using your motorized gate, TOUSEK RE433-TXR1 remote control is the best option. By having this type of transmitter, you will reduce your efforts everytime you want to use your gate.

The original rolling code RS433-TXR1 remote control will allow you to control your motorized gate remotely in a very simple way !

This transmitter is programmed with the receiver. It has 1 blue button and is easily used by its ergonomics. 

For more information on this gate fob, consider looking through the manual (PDF) or you can check out the video below which explains in detail all the the main steps to assist you in programming your Tousek rs433 txr1 gate remote control.


Important information

WARNING: If there is nothing written on the casing of your remote, this model is not compatible with your remote. Yours is from TELECO brand, so you should find the compatible model under the same brand.

The radio receivers have a self-learning technique, so the coding of the remote control is learned in the receiver.


NOTE: For even more security, each encoding command output as the code is constantly modified by the issuer (rolling code). Each code is used only once and is excluded from using the code for abuse.

Attention: Self-learning can support up to 84 different channels, with an extended memory module up to 340.


What do you need to know about this remote control ?

The remote control’s operation

A high quality original TOUSEK RS433-TXR1 rolling code tranmitter operates with a frequency of 433.92 MHz to emit signals to the receiver and is powered with a battery 12V. This keyfob is compatible with RS 433 receiver. 

The programming is done with the receiver. You can perform the settings of your remote control from an old remote model or from the receiver of your gate drive. 


Tousek RS433-TXR1 remote control replaces the following Tousek gate remotes:


It is compatible with the following Tousek gate remotes: 

Tousek RS433 TXR1 gate key fob is equipped with a one blue button that controls all the movements of your garage door according to your specifications. The frequency of this item is 433.92 MHz.  


The remote control is suitable for all TOUSEK gate automation systems and allows all automatic gates or garage doors operating on the 433MHz frequency. 

As for its programming, the device is a Rolling code type. It is easily programmed from an existing remote or from the receiver.


Tousek rs433 txr1 a 1 channel remote control with an innovated design, it is powered by a 12V lithium battery type 23A. A range up to 200 meters with antenna FK 433 !

The handheld transmitter operates on temperatures from -10°C to +55°C with an average current consumption of 15 mA.

Self programming device (rolling code type) and easy programming with the receiver that only takes few minutes

Good to know

A gate remote control is an essential accessory that controls your motorized gate. 


To choose the good device, there are some of the criteria which must be considered. 

First of all, you should take account of your gate remote brand. The brand of your remote control must be the same as the one of your motorization. Otherwise, the automation that conducts your portal will no longer accept the command emitted by your gate opener.

Besides the brand of the equipments, it is also important to consider the number and the colour of your gate fob. This criteria is very important because it may define the frequency of your remote control. At last, you have to verify the type of programming of your transmitter. There are two different types: the programming in the receiver and the auto-programming. The aim of considering these criteria is to simplify the use of your gate remote. 


Tousek RS433-TXR1 remote control is only 84 mm long, a width of 48 mm and a thickness of 17 mm. Its small and reduced size makes it very simple to handle and easy to use. It is very ergonomic and has only one blue button in a black casing. The handheld transmitter is a shock-resistant device which makes it very tough and strong under all kind of pressure or shocks.


How to program TOUSEK RS433-TXR1 remote control ?


Important steps of the programming

Programming of your new remote control:

There are several methods for programming your new transmitter.

Remote-to-remote programming:

  1. Approach your motor, few feet away from it. Press the hidden button P3 behind your already programmed remote with a sharply pointed object. Let it go, the receiver emits a beep.

  2. Press the button you wish to program on your new remote control. Let it go, the beep stops and then starts again. 

  3. Press the same button on your new remote again until the receiver beeps. Wait 10 seconds.

  4. Your new remote control is programmed.


Receiver-based programming programming:

  1. Open the casing of your receiver located next to your motor. On the receiver circuit board, press the programming button P1. Keep it pressed down till the receiver emits a beep.

  2. While keeping the button P1 pressed down, press the button you wish to program on your new remote control. Keep it pressed down till the receiver beeps.

  3. Let the button go, wait 10 seconds.

  4. Your new remote control is programmed. 


Can’t seem to program your TOUSEK RS433-TXR1 gate remote control ? 

Fear not, our team is available to assist using our wealth of experience. Firstly, consider looking through the notice delivered with each RS433-TXR1 remote control. our online store also provides instructional videos for most TOUSEK remote controls. If you need any more help, you can call our free helpline. One of our experts will take you through each step to help you program your gate remote control. You can even send us a photo using your mobile to +33 (0)616 962 454. This number is exclusively reserved for receiving MMS photos. 


About the brand TOUSEK

With the foundation of tousek Gate Operators in Austria in 1974 Eduard Tousek prepared the ground for today´s company group and was already at that time considered trend setting by the branch. In 1988 the single member company was transformed into a private limited company, three years later we have founded our business establishment in Germany.

TOUSEK is high quality automation specialist, creating and manufacturing operators in their plant located at Vienna in Austria.

His founder Eduard TOUSEK has extend his company thanks to the success he gets with professionals, by providing automation combining very high quality materials , unique technological know-how and innovations, delivering a long life time. 

The range covers needs for industrial sites, collective dwellings and consumers:

- For sliding gates up to 6.000 Kg 

- For swinging gates, up to 1.500 Kg and 12 meter length / leaf

- Automatic barriers

- Cantilever systems

Partners are mainly contractors, maintenance companies, electricians, locksmiths and gates manufacturers. 

TOUSEK has subsidiaries in Austria, Benelux, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and operates also in United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Asia and Oceania.


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Our online store will lead you through each stage of the process of buying your TOUSEK RS433-TXR1 remote control.