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Reference : : 91730005

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Brand SEAV
Reference : 91730005
Frequency 433.92 MHz
Number of buttons 6
Type of programming Programming with the receiver
Type of battery 12V(23A)
Dimensions 18.7 x 5.6 x 3.2 cm
Battery and instructions included Yes

SEAV BE FREE S6 - CABLE remote control available in one colour which is white. Transmitter for blinds and roller shutters. The SEAV with the reference BE FREE S6 is a 6 button device, using the frequency 433.92 MHz. 

Product description and properties

Are you looking for a new transmitter to control the movements of your roller shutters ?

in order to make the right choice, you should choose a remote control from a a world renowned brand of high performance transmitters. That’s why we recommend you the brand SEAV. 

A highly-regarded trademark that manufactures innovative and personalized products. It combines good design and advanced technology. It looks after its customers satisfaction by proposing high-quality products. 

You can find among a wide range of products, the SEAV BE FREE S6 roller shutters remote control with an auto-programming function.


For more information on this gate fob, consider looking through the manual (PDF) or you can check out the video below which explains in detail all the the main steps to assist you in programming your Be Free S6 remote control.


Important information

NOTE : Transmission of codes of 18 Bit Random type, can be used with other transmitters of the same series.


Please note : Possibility of 32768 combinations and 25 mA max. consumption, it operates in temperatures from -10 / to +70 °C.


Attention : In order to choose the correct model of transmitter, you have to check out the frequency of your item. Transmitters with different frequencies are not compatible. 


What do you need to know about this remote control ?

The remote control’s operation

SEAV BeFree S6 remote control for a roller shutter or a group of roller shutters. Operates with a frequency of 433.92 MHz to emit signals to the receiver and is powered with a battery 12V to optimize the good autonomy of the device. 


A self-learning device type so the programming with the receiver is quick and simple.

SEAV BE FREE S6 is 100% compatible with SEAV receivers and automations. 


The remote control of BeFree S6 version is able to control up to 6 distinct automations, and executes commands for opening, stop and closing ( Up - Stop - Down ).


Be Free S6 a 6-channel keyfob that controls all the movements of your rolling shutters according to your specifications. The frequency of this item is 433.92 MHz.  

As for its programming, the device is programmed in the receiver

Be free s6 remote control with 6 white buttons. This model is powered by a 12V battery type 23A. A 6-channel Rolling code hand transmitter with a high range

The registration of this gate opener only takes few minutes and the programming requires no special equipments. 

If you have difficulties in programming the remote, don’t worry, a manual is delivered with the remote control. 


Good to know

Handle manually its rolling shutters is a big chore because it’s you have to provide efforts in order to open and close this heavy material, and that’s really exhausting. That’s why many people have decided to control it with an automation equipment. 

By having the automation, a remote control is required in order to drive it. 

The first advantage of having this device is that it allows a remote command, no more efforts because one pressing on the button of your transmitter can operate your roller shutters. 

You can now manage all your metal shutters with only one remote control. So you don’t have to shut them one by one because they move all at once by only pressing one button. 



Seav Be Free S6 remote control is 120 mm long, a width of 45 mm and a thickness of 15 mm. If you are looking for a performant remote control with a good design and functionality choose right away Be Free. This transmitter is highly aesthetical, its shape and size make it very convenient and easy to use. It is also shock-resistant device thanks to its case manufacturers in a solid and resistant material, so the device is very tough and strong under all kind of pressure or shocks. Its design and 6 white buttons in a white casing make it very elegant ! 


How to program SEAV BE FREE S6- CABLE remote control ?


Important steps of the programming

Programming your remote control with an already programmed remote : 

  1. Connect your new remote control and your old remote control with the cable.

  2. Press a button for 2 seconds on the old remote control.

  3. The LED flashes three times.

  4. Your new remote control is programmed.


Finding it hard to program your SEAV BE FREE S6 gate remote ? 

No need to panic, we are available at your service to assist using our expertise. Firstly, consider looking through the information delivered with each BE FREE S6 product. Our online store also provides tutorials for most SEAV remote controls. If you need any more details or help, call our free helpline. One of our specialists will take you through each step in order to help you program your gate remote control. You can even send us a photo using your phone to +33 (0)616 962 454. This number is solely reserved for receiving MMS photos.


About the brand SEAV

SEAV is an italian brand, created in 1983. The brand manufacturers high quality automation systems for garage doors, industrial doors, electric gates and garage door operators.

 The company is committed to ensuring that its manufacturing processes are strictly adhered to in order to offer the best products to its clients. By choosing the brand SEAV you opt to 30 years of expertise in the automatism field. 

The most famous SEAV remote controls are : SEAV BE-HAPPY-S2, BE-HAPPY-S3, BE-HAPPY-RS2, LRX 2217 M, BE-EASY and the range of transmitters SEAV BE-SMART.

SEAV guarantee 100% original remotes with a warranty of 2 years.


Why order your SEAV BE FREE S6 remote control on our online store? 


- Advantage 1 :

Wanting to receive your remote control as soon as possible? Choose 24-hour delivery anywhere on United Kingdom soil.


- Advantage 2 :

Purchase multiple items and save money by taking advantage of our shipping offers and free postage.


- Advantage 3 :

Hoping to save time and be able to use your BE FREE S6 remote control immediately? You’ll be glad to know that we sell all our remote controls with batteries. As a result you can quickly start using your item.


Our website will lead you through each stage of the process of buying your SEAV BE FREE S6 remote control.

Nicola 20/09/2018

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