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SICE Remote Control : Find the right remote control for your gate or garage operator in a few clicks with Remote Control Express. See our selection of remote controls for the fairest price. Order from Monday, April 15, 2024!
Remote control  SICE WHY EVO
4 buttons
Remote control  SICE MIKO BLACK
Remote SICE SICE MIKO BLACK 3 buttons - 433.92 MHz
Remote control  SICE PRINZ 26.995MHZ
Remote SICE SICE PRINZ 26.995MHZ 2 buttons - 26.995 MHz
Remote control  SICE PRINZ 30.9
4 buttons - 30.9 MHz
Remote control  SICE WHY-Q0
Remote SICE SICE WHY-Q0 4 buttons
Remote control  SICE Q Blue 30.9
Remote SICE SICE Q Blue 30.9 4 buttons

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Sice is a pretty young brand that could quickly establish in the remote control market in Italy and is now expanding it's popularity into foreign markets. For example in France, the universal remote control Sice Why Evo, is getting hyped in the remote control market.

The brand Sice is in a constant rush of beeing innovative and to offer their clients products ahead of time which are performance beasts and also modern.

We provide you SICE remote controls that are 100 % original and you also recieve a guarantee of 2 years.


It is mandatory to choose the right SICE remote which is compatible with your reciever of your garage

The brand SICE offers you a large choice of remote controls in your catalogue.  To find the right SICE remote control under this vaste choice of remotes you have to know the reference number of your current remote or your reciever in order to be sure, that your chosen remote control is compatible with your reciever.

Do you still have problems identifying the right SICE remote control? In this case, we'd like to offer you some help in finding your SICE remote control. Our customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 8h30 to 20h and from Saturday from 9h to 13h via phone, fax and email.

Do you live in a shared space or condo? Some SICE remote controls are impossible to get programmed by yourself. If that's the case you have to contact the owner or installer of the reciever in order to get the knowledge to program your new SICE remote control.


Why should you order a SICE remote control on our site?

1. You'd like to have  a quick delivery? We can offer you express delivery within 24-48 hours to the U.K.

2. Save on your order! If you order 2 GIBIDI remote controls, you get free shipping!

3. In order to get you started more quickly, we include the batterys already in the delivery. So no hustle to get your GIBIDI remote control working.

4. You got any issues while programming your SICE remote control? Don't hesitate to contact our telephone support or look up for our video tutorials!