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Pile 6V(4LR44)



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Reference : : 4LR44-BP1C(0%Hg)

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Model 6V(4LR44)
Reference : 4LR44-BP1C(0%Hg)

Other possible models : 1406LC, 1406SOP, 1414A, 23-469, 23-544, 28A, 28L, 28PX, 28SO, 2CR-1/3N, 2CR1/3N, 2CR1108, 2CR1108/281, 2CR11108, 2CRâ…“N, 2CR⅓N, 4034PX, 476A, 4A76, 4AG13, 4G-13, 4G13, 4H-C, 4LR44, 4LR44EP/1BB, 4LR44P, 4MR44, 4NR44, 4NZ13, 4SG13, 4SR44, 544A, 544BP, 544L, 544S, 7H34, A28, A28PX, A544, A54464, CR28L, ETR-S, GP476, GP476A, GP476A Guardian: 4LR44 I.E.C.: 4LR44 Innotek: BAT001 JIS: 4AG13 Kodak: K, HM-4C, K28, K28A, K28L, KS28, KS28., KX28A, L1325, L1325F, L28P, L28PX, L544, L544BP, OX28, P28PXL, PX-28LB, PX28, PX28-S, PX28A, PX28AB, PX28AB Energizer: A54464 Eveready: A544 Gold Peak: GP476, PX28L, PX28LB, PX28LBPK, RFA 18, RFA 18 11, RFA-16, RFA-16-11, RFA-18, RFA-18-11, RFA1611, RFA18, RFA1811, RPX28, S1325, S1325S, S28PX, V28, V28PX, V28PXL, V29PX, V34PX, V4034, V4034PX, 28, 537, 544, 6231