Your remote LG 6711A20067E

becomes LG 6711A90022E
LG 6711A20067E
Remote LG 6711A90022E

LG 6711A20067E
LG 6711A90022E

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Technical information LG

Brand LG
Model 6711A20067E
Reference : 7448639
Type original

Why choose the LG 6711A20067E remote control ?

The remote control LG is an original model of the brand 6711A20067E and has been tested on your device through our technical service.
We can assure you that the remote works with your audio-video device, which you entered in our search engine.
This remote control LG 6711A20067E was programmed at the factory and requires no additional programming from your part.

Please note that the remote control you are ordering may not be available through the manufacturer. They can then send you a replacement remote to avoid waiting for an undefined period of time.
This means that the manufacturer LG cannot guarantee that you will receive exactly this model but perhaps the replacement model (of the same brand). You can be assured that even if the reference is different, you will find all the functions of your remote control on the replacement remote control.

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