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ALLMATIC is an Italian company that develops and sells solutions for the motorization and safety of your building.

With its various powerful and high-quality product lines, ALLMATIC addresses both private and commercial customers. With the purchase of an ALLMATIC remotecontrol, you can be sure to purchase an innovative, safe and functional product.

Among the ALLMATIC remote controls in our catalog, you will find, for example, the remote Allmatic AKMY2 26.995 MHZ, the remote Allmatic AKMY2 30.875 MHz, the remote Allmatic AKMY2 30.900 MHZ or the remote Allmatic AKMY4 30.875 MHz.

Yes you read correctly: We offer you a wide range of ALLMATIC remote controls for gate and garage door drives. The purchase of fob for garage doors or garage doors is very simple. A few clicks are enough and you can order the right remote from ALLMATIC directly from us.

85 % of our customers are very satisfied with the order of one of these remotes.