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The SOMFY GROUP stands for know-how and quality as a market leader in the field of house and building control for gates, doors and windows. For more than 40 years, the company has been offering its customers innovative products that enhance the security and comfort of the building. Among all the products it is possible to find on our website a remote Somfy KEYTIS-NS-2-RTS, a remote Somfy MITTO RTR and also the remote KEYGO T4 PRO.

Whether you are looking for a Somfy remote control for garage doors or gates, in any case you will find the right one in our catalog.

Specialist in the sale of Somfy remote controls for garages and gates, we give our best to make your life easier. If your old Somfy remote is defective and you want to buy a new Somfy remote for gates: here you are at the right address.

85 % of our customers are very satisfied with the order of one of these remotes.