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Reference : : 5728876

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Model IRC81291
Reference : 5728876
Type compatible
Type of battery 1.5V(LR03-AAA)-X2
This remote replaces SEG 00003711,   SEG 00008146,   SEG 00008183,   SEG 00020050,   SEG 00020459,   SCHNEIDER 0210524,   METZ 060 RK 18G4,   UNIVERSUM 061 277 0,   SEG 08000504,   SEG 08001788,   KITON 1000,   BLUESKY 1000,   GOODMANS 1000,   SEG 1000,   VESTEL 1000,   BUSH 1007090030,   VESTEL 1007090030,   ALBA 1007090031,   BUSH 1007090031,   VESTEL 1007090031,   BUSH 1007090039,   ALBA 1007090040,   BUSH 1007090040,   VESTEL 1007090040,   BUSH 1007090041,   VESTEL 1007090041,   VESTEL 1007194048,   VESTEL 100724038  
The remote CLASSIC IRC81291 is a compatible remote control and has been tested on your device by our technical service. We guarantee the functionality with your device, which you entered in the search engine.

This remote control is preprogrammed at the factory and requires no additional programming by you.

The remote CLASSIC IRC81291 works with the batteries 1.5V(LR03-AAA)-X2 that are automatically added to your basket, to save you the search.